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The Lone Ranger Halloween Costume- The Greatest Cowboy Costume Of All Time

The Lone Ranger Halloween Costume- The Greatest Cowboy Costume Of All Time

The Lone Ranger
by Sam Howzit

The Lone Ranger is the ultimate hero and cowboy. A masked unknown mysterious Texas Ranger who rides around on his beautiful white horse, the quick and trusty Silver, and with his trusted allied and best friend Tonto, take on the bad guys with gun battles, gripping horse chase scenes and great fist fights, making the Lone Ranger, The Ultimate Cowboy.

Come this Halloween, or any fancy dress or themed party, dressing up as this iconic legend is a great idea and sure to be an unique one. There are a vast amount of Cowboy costume ideas around, great looking costumes, but too alike, and with the forthcoming new Lone Ranger movie, due out in 2012, getting the unique Lone Ranger look before anybody else thinks of it is as the term goes " as clever as a fox" and sure to be a hit.

Some of us who were lucky enough to grow up with these TV programmes, to have memories of sitting by the TV on a Saturday morning while our parents slept in, waiting for that incredible iconic music, watching excitedly as The Lone Ranger starts riding his horse silver, shooting of his gun in to the air, the music with the trumpet electrifying " Hi yo Silver" and then over the action scene the deep voice comes in "a fiery horse with a speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty hi you silver, The Lone Ranger" brilliant stuff, the memories and the simplicity and innocence of TV then, pity they just can't make them like that no more.

I hope the movie in 2012 does this iconic amazing character justice. With Johnny Deep penned to play the fantastic Tonto, and George Clooney rumored to become the Ranger, there is hope of this been a box office hit, and will show case this character to the next generation of children, and hopefully the 1950's classic TV programme too.

With this movie, Cowboy costumes will explode back on to the seen, as always happens with movies, and with a great Lone Ranger costume available now, been ahead of the crowd will make Halloween or any fancy dress party be outstandingly unique and a lot of fun. There are also Tonto costumes available for ladies, giving you the option for a unique fun couples look Halloween look. Get there before the crowd and do The Lone Ranger Justice " Hi Yo Silver, Away!"

The Lone Ranger Costumes are unique and classic looking, visit The Lone Ranger Costume Site for alook at the costumes available and for som great Halloween tips. 

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