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True Colours #5

I am bound to you. Your every gesture, your every expression, your every word. I am bond to you... As you move up behind me, kissing me softly, slowly down my arms to my hands. As you apply your lips across my back, around the back of my ears, my neck. As you move your fingers through my entire body, barely touching, but enough to make me shiver, the very edge of your nails over my belly, my ribs. Then, slowly in spirals around my nipples and breasts. As you part my thighs. Long lines of slow tongue tease all the way to the top, then back down again. Each leg, kisses over each calve, and then the slow kiss climb back up again. Right to the top. As you softly kiss across my lips, flick the slightest of tongue teasing over the hood of my clit. As you plunge your tongue deep inside. Taste just how I taste. Swirling and swirling and swirling inside me.
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