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Points of View #13

"I feel it harden. I feel him harden. I feel myself getting wet. I wet my finger, run it up the lips of my pussy and imagine it’s his tongue, wetting the wings of my labia, feeling them flutter and spread, circling my clit and flicking it. Blood rushes to my head, to my clit. I feel dizzy.
I feel the head of his cock bouncing against my thigh as he crawls over me, positioning himself above me, poised to enter. And I turn on my side to accommodate him, bending the top leg at the knee, like a dancer doing the Can-Can, to give him a clear view of the runway as his craft comes into land.
He takes his cock in his hands, guides it towards my pussy, towards the hole, where the wetness gathers. 
He pushes into it, just enough to wet the tip. Pulls out and slides the head up the pussy, making me slick with my own juices.
He pushes into me again, just enough to bury the tip. And holds it there. Not in, not out. Just waiting. Teasing.
And my finger probes around the hole, scooping up my juice and spreading it up towards my clit, wetting it, brushing it, feeling it throb.
He pushes into me.
I push a finger into me. And moan.
His cock stretches my hole. And I feel my pussy close around the head.
Two fingers now.
And he slides his length in slowly. Teasing. He slides in all the way until he’s pressing against my pelvis. 
I can feel him hard, pressing against my wall. And he holds it there.
I’m up to the joint now, and moving towards the knuckle, sinking my fingers as deep as they will go. 
My fingers are slick with juice, thick and sticky, and white as snow.
He shifts his weight, rotates his hips slightly, like he’s piloting a ship, inching the wheel around so the rudder shifts. And I can feel his cock move inside me, brushing ever so slightly against the soft fleshy wall.
And suddenly I can feel that I’m about to come. I can feel a surge building up inside me and I can’t stop it. 
I don’t want to. I want to be overwhelmed. I can feel him inside me and I want to come.
I’m going to come.
And as I come, I call out his name. Because I want him to hear, even though he’s not there."

by Sasha Grey in Juliet Society
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